Car Wash Service Booth

For any business, providing superior service for consumers is a key goal. Prefabricated Car Wash Service Booth provides you the ability to immediately make contact with each incoming customer. Our Prefab booths provide convenience for drive-up consumers of your car wash so they do not have to exit their vehicles, especially during extremely warm or cold weather. The booths can also be placed throughout the property in order to mitigate foot traffic and clutter inside your main building. You can even sell memberships or car wash products out of the booths as well.

As an authorized reseller of Mardan Fabrication and Par-Kut International Booths, you have the option of the booth being manufactured out of heavy-duty aluminum construction or rugged welded steel construction.

The booths can completely custom and built to order. You have the ability to size the booth to fit your location’s needs. Whether the booth is 3’ x 5’ or 12’ x 20’. Visit our options page to see what comes standard on the booth and what upgrades you are able to make to them as well.