Car Wash Attendant Booth

For the Car Wash business, interacting with customers is key in order to be successful. Understanding what motivates the customer to want to frequent your business more and more can determine which way a business can go. provides a car wash that ability in a more intimate setting for the client. Rather than having to exit their vehicle, our Prefabricated Car Wash Attendant booth is manufactured to be placed directly in the drive-up lane so that an attendant can immediately greet your customers, collect payment for the car wash or even sell monthly or yearly memberships. You can maximize your profitability and ensure long-term success for your car wash.

As an authorized reseller of Mardan Fabrication and Par-Kut International Booths, you have the option of the booth being manufactured out of heavy-duty aluminum construction or rugged welded steel construction.

Our Attendant Booths can be customized to meet each car wash specific requirement including different sizes as small as 3′ x 5′ and as large as 12′ x 20′. Whether you are in the extreme cold of the Northeast or Midwest, or in the extreme heat of Florida or Texas, we can help you. Our booths are being used currently all over the USA and around the world. Visit our options page to determine the best solution for your Attendant Booth.