Existing Car Washes

If you are an owner of an existing car wash and have come to the determination that you are just too busy for the amount of space that you have, CarWashBooths.com has just the solution. Our Prefabricated Car Wash Cashier, Attendant, & Service Booths can be added directly into your flow of traffic to speed up revenue collections, upsell memberships, and provide excellent customer service. All you’ll need to do is pour a concrete slab wherever appropriate to your current configuration and place our prefab booth directly on it. The booths arrive completely pre-wired & pre-finished ready for immediate use. Our booths are able to be built to accommodate sizes in which you have the room to place the booth.

This particular customer purchased one of our Car Wash Cashier booths because they were just too busy to accommodate the customer flow. They decided that it was important to have a cashier at the front of the drive-thru to help regulate the flow of traffic and speed up the customer experience. They also decided that it would give them another source of membership sales which would make them more money.