Prefabricated Building vs. Onsite Construction

Purchasing and designing a Prefabricated Building versus building a structure onsite is a very different process. We have found that mostly everyone who decides to go with the prefab option tends to be really happy with that decision. The main reason why is because the amount of time it takes to install the booth is brief, whereas when a structure is being built onsite, it could be a potential headache and also limit traffic through your car wash. The prefab booth or booths will arrive onsite on a flatbed truck. All you’ll need is a forklift onsite to offload and set the booths on your pre-poured concrete slab. You would connect the onsite electrical to our pre-wired electrical panel and you are up and running.

Another difference is that when a permit is pulled with local building departments, the booths usually are certified through that particular state’s modular building program. If the state doesn’t have a modular program, PE stamped drawings and structural calculations, energy evaluations, electrical inspections are available and can be provided. A state modular building program enforces building code standards to make sure that a prefabricated structure being installed is completely code compliant for that state. It doesn’t matter who the manufacturer is, it must comply. A plan-review of your design occurs and third-party inspectors who represent the state verify the booth is built to plan at our manufacturing facility. Whereas when you decide to build a structure onsite, you’ll need to deal with the local building official for all facets of the building,

Our Prefabricated Car Wash Booths also have the ability to be moved around your location should you decide to rearrange your traffic flow.  They are easily picked up with a forklift. If you build a building onsite, it’ll be very difficult to relocate it. Ultimately, our Prefab booths are the simple and easy solution that will most benefit all aspects of your car wash business.