New Construction Car Washes

When determining what to include in a new construction Car Wash, you should consider the amount of physical space you have on your property. If you are limited based on the size of your lot and are looking for a way to collect revenue, upsell car wash members, or even just provide customer service for incoming customers, our Prefabricated Car Wash Booths are the way to go. The Prefabricated Car Wash Cashier, Attendant, & Service booth will allow for you to use a minimal footprint and allow for your employees to collect revenue, maximize car wash profits, and provide excellent customer service. Our booths are all custom-sized so you are able to determine what size booth you are looking for. We can manufacture them as small as 3’ x 5’ and as large as 12’ x 20’, depending on your car wash orientation and specific usage for the booth.

The photos above are an example of a new construction car wash in which they are integrating one of our Prefabricated Car Wash Cashier Booths in order allow for a faster customer experience while maximizing profitability.